7 Days Left On @Fundable And $100,000+ Pre-Orders In #Crowd2Shelf Comp

The EVA BR30 has reach new heights. With over $100,000+ in pre-orders and 7 days to go in the #Crowd2Shelf @Fundable campaign, the excitement of the much anticipated launch in the US is only moments away for one of Australia’s fastest startups that made the fast start BRW list this year.

Check out the EVA BR30 Fundable page and get in early today:


For your sneak preview, here is shot time-lapse on some testing going on with the first hand made prototype EVA BR30.

Get The EVA BR30 Bulb – Pre-Order Exclusively On Fundable.com

The EVA BR30 Bulb is a revolutionary new LED bulb suited for recessed downlight applications in the U.S. Unlike its main competitor, the Philips BR30 Hue, the EVA BR30 meets real lighting needs whilst ensuring efficiency levels are up (power usage VS brightness of light). The EVA BR30 achieves over 80 lumens per watt!


WINNER EVA BR30: Received the most number of votes during the voting stage of the #Crowd2Shelf Staples competition that ran during the month of September, 2014.

To find out more or to pre-order the EVA BR30, simply go to https://www.fundable.com/evatm.

EVA Finishing Strong In #Crowd2Shelf Staples Comp

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my loyal and persistent twitter followers, LEDified staff and supporters, fans, the general public and everyone who voted to get us to the #1 spot in the Fundable #Crowd2Shelf Staples Competition.


With still 10 days left till the competition ends, we hope we finish stronger than ever to maintain our #1 spot. We can never thank all of you enough however we will add to this by ensuring we release a North American EVA version that will blow all other recessed downlights out of the park!

Keep voting daily here: http://goo.gl/mNMfz7

EVA, A Revolutionary LED Downlight That Changes Colours And Brightness Just Launched In Australia

LEDified Launches Its Long Awaited Third Generation LED Downlight That Can Be Controlled With A Remote


South Melbourne, Australia, SEP 8, 2014 – After 9 months of developments, LEDified launches its new generation LED downlight called EVA. EVA stands for efficient, versatile and adaptable and solves the many issues of consumers today in choosing the right light for their home. With EVA, consumers now can buy an LED downlight and configure its colour and brightness to the many different applications it is used for in a home.

EVA is the only downlight available in Australia that can be manipulated using a remote control. Other alternatives require WIFI or complex wiring. EVA’s remote control options include a 5W mode which emits similar lumens to a 35W halogen and a 10W mode which emits similar lumens to a standard 50W halogen downlight. She can also be changed from a warm white (2700K) to a neutral white (4000K) colour temperature. The anticipated energy savings with EVA as compared to a standard halogen downlight can be as much as 91%.

Consumers have the choice of buying EVA and installing her themselves or opting for the full service installation package direct from LEDified. Selected households in Victoria can receive free installation from an A grade electrician as part of a government incentive under the VEET scheme provided they have existing 50W halogens to be replaced. The iDim remote controller is provided for free for every 10 EVAs purchased. EVA can be purchased online direct from LEDified for $49.

“EVA was developed to tackle all of the issues surrounding inefficiencies in downlights and the available technology attempts made until now. We had to think outside the box to find the answer.” – Matthew Ng, CTO of LEDified and co-inventor of EVA.

LEDified is a Victorian based lighting company with a 100% focus in LED lighting. The company started in 2012 and has since made fast strides by picking up large contracts for Crown Casino, Coles, BMW, Bendigo Stadium, Aspen Pharmaceuticals, JB Hifi and many others. The business employs over 120 staff in its headquarters in South Melbourne and provides regular work to over 250 electricians state-wide.

“The introduction of EVA as an option to the market will provide consumers with more flexibility and confidence in upgrading to LED lights.” – Mathew Delaney, Head of Installation of LEDified and Eco-Smart Certified Electrician.

LEDified is accredited under the Victorian Energy Efficient Target scheme and has helped over 15,000 homes in Victoria reduce their lighting costs by replacing halogen downlights with energy saving LED downlights. The company also holds the largest market share of residential and commercial lighting upgrades under the scheme since 2012.

Shop direct at LEDified: http://www.ledified.com.au/eva-order-online/

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