How EVA™ Will Transform Lighting

As a matter of fact, lighting has come a long way; from the 19th century incandescent lamps, to the 20th century fluorescent, halogen and sodium lamps, and to the 21st century LED electronically driven lamps. Each of these transformations has all along been geared toward achieving efficiency in lighting. EVA™ is one technology which has come into being to transform lighting to be even more efficient, as the industry phases out the incandescent light bulbs in this era. Mathew Ng, the Co-Inventor of EVA™ says that the reason for coming up with this technology was to address all the issues surrounding inefficiencies in the existing lighting technological attempts made so far. “We had to think outside the box to get the answer”, Matthew says.


Benefits of EVA™ over other lighting

One of the objectives of phasing out the traditional incandescent lights is to enhance efficiency in energy consumption. EVA™ addresses this issue as it ends up saving well above 89% of energy. One of the causes of the inefficiency of traditional lighting is due to the heat they produce to the surrounding, that is, much of the energy is converted to heat instead of light output. With EVA™, this is not the case as the lighting gives out up to 85% less heat compared to incandescent lighting; this implies a much cooler ambience. Perhaps the worst lighting experience that anyone of us may wish to go through is replacing the bulb or lamp every now and then; this is not so with EVA™ as it is built to have a lifespan of about 20 times longer than that of ordinary lighting. It is also built to withstand shock hence more durable. With the goodness that any technology brings, our safety and that of the surrounding is crucial, EVA™ takes care of this as it does not emit UV, lead or mercury. One of the qualities of good lighting is having a great Color Rendering Index, CRI; EVA™ gives a better color clarity and spread or beam angle compared to the traditional lighting.

Distinct features

EVA™ is a unique LED downlight (also know in some countries as “potlight” or “canlight”). Its elegancy is not compromised by its simplicity; it makes use of smarts and a remote control, the iDim™ controller. The highly advanced technology enables you to alter the output of light to what you want it to be, whenever you feel like. You can opt to switch its output from 10W (800 – 850 Lumen) to 5W (400 – 425 Lumen), something that makes it more efficient through a further 50% save on energy on top of the enormous energy savings associated with the LEDs.


The technology also allows for manipulation of color; you can opt for a soft, warm white, 2700K or a crisp neutral white, 400K, to alter the mood based on your application. Its versatility allows for use in a number of Triac dimmers for dimming controls. Also, its adaptability ensures it can fit in most standard cutouts, for convenience when switching from your traditional to EVA™ lighting.

In conclusion, EVA™ is here to transform lighting for better. Feel free to get more information at and support us realise the project.