About Us

We are an LED lighting company based in Australia that specialises in development of high quality products tailored to transform lighting for the better. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, goes the old adage. This is exactly why and how our company, came into existence. As you read this, if you are using the traditional ordinary lighting either in your residence or office you might be aware of some of the inefficiencies of such lighting. Have you been wondering what can be done to address these issues? The urge to address these problems is actually our driving force; the call to think “outside the box” in order to find answers to these problems.

Our brand

It is with the careful consideration of the inefficiencies that needed to be addressed in the lighting industry that we designed EVA™, our very own LED lighting love child. Want to save on energy efficiently up to 89%, and cut down your electricity bills significantly? Then, this is the product you need; it is specially designed to produce up to 95% less heat than the ordinary lighting. This implies less electric energy is converted to heat and instead, much of the energy is converted to light; thus other than saving on energy, it leaves you with a cooler ambience. “Is it safe to use?” You may be concerned. We have taken your safety and that of the environment into consideration when designing our lighting products; they are free of emissions such as UV, mercury and lead.

What makes us different?

We are committed to see lighting transformed for the better. This makes us develop unique lighting products with higher efficiency compared to the products available in the market. To ensure this, we make use of the high technological advancements that have been realised in electronics and mechanics to develop our unique, high quality products. For instance, you can now manipulate the brightness and colors of your lighting with our product, EVA™ using an iDim™ remote.

Gone are the days when your lighting size and type was decided by the manufacturer and seller of the product. With our products, it is you as the consumer to decide what and where you want the lighting to be; we ensure we design our products with high adaptability so that they can fit into most of the standard cut-outs to make it convenient for you when switching from other forms of lighting to our LED lighting products.

Our future

With most countries banning incandescent and fluorescent lighting; the world is in the process of phasing out these less efficient lighting. It is our objective to play a central role in this process by providing you with top quality lighting products, using the finest LED technology of the day. We plan to continue to develop high quality future editions of our invention, that is, EVA™ 2, EVA™ 3, etc, to conform to the most current efficacy needs.

We treasure your feedback much because it will form the basis of our future innovations and advancement of the lighting products. Therefore, feel free to provide us with feedback; the future of lighting is in your hands.

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